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Looking for a practical and economical car rental? Book an Audi A3 now with EasyRentCars to get the best experience for a low price tag. Its major plus point being comfort and ease of driving, with plenty of hi-tech options and a really luxurious interior. The A3 offers both petrol or diesel options to suit most drivers needs. Its styling is anything but offensive, with a subtle design that relies on sharp edges and assertive features like its unmistakable grille and intricate headlights. The bite-size A3 encloses what we love about Audis in a handsome, tidy package. The steering precise, the ride composed; the finish superb.

  • Seats 5
  • Doors 4
  • Car Type Compact
  • Transmission Automatic or Manual
  • Luggage Capacity 2 luggages & 2bags
  • Speed 126MPH
  • Horsepower 220HP
  • Fuel Type Gasoline
  • Engine 1.6L 1.8L 2.0L
  • Fuel Economy 24-31mpg
Rental Period: : 0 day
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Audi A3: Classy Design

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